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Six species of the spider genus Spinirta Jin & Zhang, 2020 from southern China (Araneae: Corinnidae)

Authors: Lu-Yu WANG, Muhammad IRFAN, Qian-Le LU, Feng ZHANG & Zhi-Sheng ZHANG 

Six species of the genus Spinirta from southern China are recognized, four new species are described: S. hongyui Wang, Lu & Z.S. Zhang sp. nov. (♂♀), S. liuae Wang, Lu & Z.S. Zhang sp. nov. (♂♀), S. simianshan Wang, Lu & Z. S. Zhang sp. nov. (♂♀) and S. yintiaoling Wang, Lu & Z.S. Zhang sp. nov. (♂). Females of S. aviforma Jin & Zhang, 2020 (♂♀) and S. quadrata Jin & Zhang, 2020 (♂♀) are described for the first time. Photos of the body and copulatory organs, as well as the locality map are provided.

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