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First records of the arboreal wolf spider species Hogna trunca from Japan

Congratulations to Rio Shida for his maiden publication of a taxonomic paper

The arboreal lycosid species, Hogna trunca Yin, Bao & Zhang 1996, is newly recorded from Japan. Hogna trunca was originally described from Zhejiang Province (China) and has been known only from China. The author confirmed its presence in Nara Prefecture and in the northern part of the Okinawa Island in Japan, reporting it as a new record for the country. The genus Hogna is also new to Japan. In both areas, the species was found in forests along streams and was observed waiting on tree bark or hiding in tree hollows mainly at night. Presumably, the species has not been discovered until recently because of its unique arboreal ecology for a spider of the family Lycosidae, which mainly includes ground-dwelling species.