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Spiders: The Ultimate Predators

 Author: Stephen Dalton  Publisher: Firefly Books  Published: 2011  ISBN: 1554079756  Pages: 208  Country: North America  Language: English

Spiders¬†provides information on habitat, hunting techniques, anatomy, general characteristics and location of spiders, the most successful of all terrestrial predators in the world. Stephen Dalton has chosen to focus on spiders’ hunting methods and provides fascinating information on the astonishing array of techniques spiders use for catching their prey: trapping in webs, lassoing, jumping, stealing, chasing, ambushing, spitting, fishing, masquerading as other animals and even attracting prey by mimicking the prey’s pheromones.

The spiders are grouped by their method of hunting:

  • Nocturnal hunters
  • Trappers: orderly webs
  • Daylight: visual hunters
  • Trappers: disorderly webs
  • Jumping spiders
  • Tunnel-web builders
  • Ambushers and lurkers
  • Nonconformists.

Dalton’s spectacular photographs are extraordinary in their detail, and some of them document spider behavior never recorded previously. He also gives expert guidance on photographing spiders.