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              Joseph K H Koh

       The 3rd Conference of Asian Society of Arachnology 2015 was successfully held at Amravati, India with close to 130 participants from 20 countries. The conference saw an unprecedented number of undergraduates and naturalists attending such a meeting for the first time. It was indeed heart-warming to see arachnologists from so many parts of Asia and around the world engrossed in professional discussions, while passionate hobbyists were busy exchanging notes with the more experienced arachnologists. This was precisely what the Asian Society of Arachnology was all about – a platform to meet and learn from one and another, and in the process, raise the standards of arachnology among the laymen and scientists interested in Asian spiders.
I see ASA not just as a clone of other arachnological societies elsewhere in the world. We exist because there is a growing interest in arachnology in Asia. We are unique because our members come from widely diverse backgrounds, encompass a vast geographic spread and have very varied requirements – from macro-photography, ecological studies, biological control to molecular phylogeny.
I would like to urge members to tell us how ASA can serve you better. We can do so through this forum, which we will update and upgrade, thanks to our Webmaster Priyanka Hadole. We will proceed step-by-step, taking into account your feedback and suggestions, starting from easy-to-achieve “low-hanging fruits”, and bearing in mind the time available of our Webmaster and other content contributors. We are beginning to crystallise our ideas, as shown in the provisional wish-list uploaded separately. So let us how what you think. It is only through the active support of the members that this revamped ASA website can function effectively as a virtual meeting place to know one another, to grow our society, to learn and share findings, and raise our collective standards in arachnological research in Asia.

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