Asian Society of Arachnology (ASA)

The Asian Society of Arachnology was founded 2012 in a meeting in Laos. Since then, members met regularly, communicated via various groups like Facebook and WeChat, and hosted a website. What was still missing was a logo.

After a competition in 2020 a logo has been elected by the council, the past and present presidents and co-founders out of various proposals. Here is a short story, how the logo was designed.

A spider should indicate on the first sight what kind of Society it is. Liphistius is an iconic spider genus, occurring exclusively in Asia and representing the oldest known extant spider lineage. The arrangement of the letters covers roughly the shape of Asia. The “S” standing for society links the two “A”s, stressing the importance of the connection and communication between members. The last “A” for Arachnology is the largest letter, since this is the topic which unites all of us. Moreover, it is situated in the tropics where the largest arachno-diversity exists.

May our society prosper for a long time and bring us interesting scientific results, joyful meetings and happiness!