American Arachnological Society Meeting, Querétaro, Juriquilla, Mexico

The 2017 American Arachnological Society annual meeting is in Querétaro, Juriquilla, Mexico. This is the first time the AAS annual meeting will be held in Mexico. Attending this meeting is a great way to forge stronger networks with American colleagues from south of the U.S. border.

The AAS Executive Committee encourages all members to attend this conference.

The host, Fernando Alvarez, wishes to remind you that the registration deadline is fast approaching. The deadline was originally April 29th but Fernando has graciously agreed to extend the deadline to May 15th.

Registration, accommodation, and travel information can be found at

Register now for this meeting and be sure to check out the wonderful fieldtrips Fernando and his lab are offering.

Hope to see you there!

Paula Cushing, Secretary of the American Arachnological Society